Take control of your public image

Public Relations

FPA is a full-service public relations firm that works tirelessly to develop and enhance its clients' public image.

  • Develop and implement messaging and communications plans to support clients' goals.
  • Design and produce marketing and educational materials, including brochures, pamphlets, and public service announcements.
  • Write, design, and deploy email and social media communications, such as parent alerts, newsletters, and targeted email marketing.
  • Build websites for the general public and topic-specific microsites.
  • Work with clients to highlight accomplishments through an earned media program.
  • Write opinion pieces and prepare surrogates to engage in the public discourse.
  • Coordinate media events, write press releases, and place stories in the media.

Community Outreach

FPA embraces a community outreach philosophy of building strong, long-term relationships between our clients and the communities they serve. Through diligent work and respect for residents, we can facilitate productive, informative dialogue and public participation.

FPA will:

  • Develop a comprehensive outreach strategy and support materials for client staff, as appropriate.
  • Produce and publicize community meetings, presentations, and town halls.
  • Design and produce paid media to reinforce your message, including direct mail, social media content, as well as email communications.
  • Staff and execute thorough field programs, utilizing door-to-door canvasses and phone banks.